Charge Controllers Specialty Concepts

MoringStar Corporation

Automatic Sequencing Charger
Photovoltaic (Solar) Charge Controller


The ASC is a highly reliable charge controller. Ideal for small to mid-sized solar systems. It will efficiently charge your batteries and provide years of protection from over-charging.

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• CSA Class 1, Div 2 Groups A, B, C, and Hazerdous Locations
• Terminal Block
• Status Light(s)
• Generator Start or Alarm
• Lightning Protection

Model Voltage Array Current Option
ASC 12V 4/8/12/16 A – Temp. Comp
E – LVD Relay
F – Adjustable
24V 8/16

Model # ASC 12/16 AEF Explained

ASC = Automatic Sequencing Charger
12 = System Voltage, Both Battery & Solar
16 = Maximum Input Current from Solar.
AEF= A -Automatically adjust charge voltage for hot or cold temperature. E – Low voltage disconnect. Disconnects load to prevent battery damage. F – charging set – point adjust.