E-Panels Complete

Pre-Wired Midnite Solar E-Panel Systems with Magnum Inverter/Charger ETL Listed for Canada

Standard Features:

  • Magnum ME-RC50 remote display mounted on E-Panel
  • (2) 63 amp/150VDC charge controller in/out breakers
  • DC lightning arrestor on PV input bus
  • AC lightning arrestor (2) on 120/240VAC system
  • MX60 Charge contoller ready, wiring, conduit nipples, bracket
  • 175 or 250 amp inverter battery breaker
  • AC bypass breaker assembly
  • AC input disconnect breaker (generator or utility)
  • AC terminal bus bars for input, output and neutral ground busbar
  • DC positive busbar (battery plus)
  • PV positive busbar (PV plus input)
  • DC negative busbar (battery neg and PV neg)
  • 500a/50mv shunt
  • 2/0 inverter interconnect cables (internal)
  • din rail space for 3 additional AC or DC 13mm wide breakers
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • White metal shields to cover wiring top and bottom of inverter
  • Functionality tested and crated on pallet (truck shipping only)
Model MNE 2012, 2000 watt 12VDC 120VAC System
Model MNE 2812, 2800 watt 12VDC 120VAC system
Model MNE 4024, 4000 watt 24VDC 120VAC system
Model MNE 4024-AE, 4000 watt 24VDC 120/240VAC system
Model MNE 4448-AE, 4000 watt 48VDC 120/240VAC system
Add the new Magnum ME-BMK (battery status monitor)
Add a ME-AGS (auto gen start)

Click here for Inverter / E-Panel Mounting Diagram