MW1230HW KISAE Modified 3000W Inverter UL/CSA 

MW1230HW KISAE Modified 3000W Inverter UL/CSA

The MW-1230HW is a 3000W power inverter that is hardwired directly to your battery supply. It converts 12V battery power to 120V household AC power and is ideal for running household appliances in your car, truck, boat or RV when you’re away from utility power.

Features include:

  • LED monitoring display for battery status, load measurement, shutdown error information
  • High startup surge capability
  • Safety tested and Regulatory Approved to cETLus governing standards for North America (UL & CSA)
  • Safety tested and Regulatory Approved to CE governing standards for Europe
  • International output sockets available (per country)
  • Part of KISAE’s economical modified sine wave inverter line.

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